Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cheering in school

bad news for me!

I came back home at 3.30pm after school. i visited my hamsters first when i reached upstairs and i saw the black hamster,Zodiac, covering something. Since i saw underneath other hamster who just died recently today......all i can dow as 'silence'.
I thought they brown one was just playing umm dead and stuff but when i saw it wasn't breathing......i can't do anything more to that
All i can say to him is......see you again in heaven i guess and dont forget your siblings!

Friday, November 21, 2008

my cute baby hamsters (6weeks old!)

Hey! have you guys seen these baby hamsters of mine?? haha i'll tell you! the brown one is a boy and his name is......Saturn :P and the black which is a girl her name.....Zodiac! ahaha they are both siblings.
I woke these little furballs up haha they got shocked when i was trying to wake them up :P

I think their in prison like this (shame) haha

Wakey wakey sleepy heads. they fell asleep again!
Zodiac likes to step on her brothers head haha thats what Satruns does too lol

Friday, November 14, 2008

girlz go weird in skul

I brought my webcam to school (don't worry i wasn't playing in class ;P) haha we didn't know what to do !! ok ok just look a the pics then me telling you!

and we ended with this picture which...uh.......nevermind ^^

Monday, October 20, 2008

First day of Eid mubarak

First thing was first (my bad i forgot to post this on)....anyway, we went to the Indonesian residence (Wisma) people sitting.....oh well you know the rest! :P
all of them were Indonesian besides me!!:'(
Time to eat yum yum (me and my friend was weird), we ate dessert first than lunch (i had bad stomache after that)

Home as usual
The family....

Friday, October 17, 2008

International Day

Having that international day was tiring but fun!!(hehe sorry im still not used to blogspot yet)
Does anyone know the Mauri dance?? well if you know it haha the senior boys did the the dance infront of every one(instead of us being scared we laughed hard)
Theres more than these guys!!
As you can see this is where my moms favourite country is from....Korea!

They were making their names in heiroglyphics

These guys can run fast for being tiny people heh
Hurry up and stand properly you know I AM going to take your picture.

Oh yes this was the year 2 was doing for their class.

These were made by year 2 haha they were so naughty and cute
As you know all of these little red guys *colour*

South African (again) and me the only Bruneian in the school haha I look so different than my usual look!....

Behind- German, South African infront Nowegian and Austrian

Norwegien,Pakistani,Kenyan,Pakistani theres lots of natonalites in my class

2 New Zealander and 1 South African

Pakistani stuff~~~

We had Pakistan as our class room, it was fun but it was kinda dark because the windows were covered so you can see the slide show on the smart board.

Monday, September 29, 2008

First job of blogging

Having great friends is the best! haha and this was the last day and the last picnic...IN SKUL O_O!!
if any of you know these people...well nothing but we are the 3 brace faces haha
If you want to see more pictures go to this site please and thank you!